Shrimp Tempura


"Very easy to do with amazing taste, 

Step-by-Step How to Do it

Step 1.
The first thing you want to do is buy some raw shrimps.  I buy mine at Costco, make sure shrimp have only tail on.  So, its Raw-Tail-On Shrimp, just like on the picture.

Step 2.
Make sure the shrimp is unfrozen,  put the shrimp in a dish and wash it very good with cold water.

Step 3.
After shrimp is washed, put spices on it.  These are the ones that I use:

Step 4.
Now it's time to cook the shrimp!!!  You would need Olive Oil and Corn Starch.  

Step 5.
After you put Olive Oil in the pan, then put Corn Starch in the separate plate.  Dip the shrimp into the Corn Starch on the both sides.  Just like in the picture:

Step 6.
When the shrimp is all dipped in the Corn Oil you can start putting the shrimp in the frying pan to fry.

Step 7.
After shrimp is fried you can plate it and make sure to put some "Shredded Garlic" on TOP and some "Crushed Red Pepper" (that's if you like it very spicy), which I do so I add it!

"Enjoy and Bon Appetit"


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