Russian Malted Beverage - KVASS


"KVASS" is a traditional Slavic and Baltic fermented beverage commonly made from black, regular rye or wheat bread.  The color of the bread used contributes to the color of the resulting drink.

My Husband loves to make this fermented drink, which is called Russian Malted Beverage  - KVASS that is made with Bread!!!

How to make Homemade - KVASS:

Step 1.
Get a 3 gallon barrel or any other big jar of water and pour KVASS wort concentrate the whole jar of it into the jar where you will pour your water into.  First, you put all of the ingredients in the jar, then at the end pour water on top of the ingredients.

Step 2.
Add the rest of the ingredients: half of Bread (whichever you prefer Black, regular rye or wheat bread), package of assorted dried fruits, 2 lb. golden brown sugar, 1 package of active dry yeast and 10 oz of 100% Honey.

Step 3.
After you put all of the ingredients into the jar or barrel, pour water into it.

Step 4.
Don't fill the water all the way to the top because the beverage will come up, because of the yeast in it and you need room for it to come up.

Step 5.
KVASS is ready to drink in 2 days!!! Keep it in the room temperature, after it's all done put it into the refrigerator.

"Enjoy Homemade KVASS"


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