Roasted and Marinated Sweet Pepper


Roasted and Marinated Sweet Pepper 
in the Oven!!!

Very easy to do! 
Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1.
First you have to clean the pepper and cut out the inside piece that has seeds.  But "do not" cut the pepper in half try to keep in all whole and just cut out the middle part of the tail.  Just like that:

Step 2.
After the pepper is all cleaned and free from seeds, just place the foil paper inside the oven tray and place it on the oven tray.  Just like that:

Step 3.
Now put it in the oven for 390 degrees and 40 min, after one side is done and it looks kind of somewhat darker/roasted on that side like it was fried, turn the pepper on the other side and again keep it in the oven until it gets roasted/darker on the other side about 40 min too again.  It should look just like that when you take out the pepper from the oven:

Step 4.
Let the pepper cool down and then you can peel the skin from it.  The skin should come off very easy, it's a little tedious and dirty job, but it worth it at the end.  Place the clean pepper (pepper without skin) on the plate and marinate it with some ingredients: 

Garlic - 3 medium cloves (shredded)
Vinegar - 3 to 4 tablespoons 
Olive oil or you can use Canola oil - 3 to 4 tablespoons

Let it sit for about half an hour and it is ready to eat!!!

As I have mentioned it before it is very easy to do and the 
TASTE is worth it at the end:-)



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