Chicken Quesadillas


"Chicken Quesadillas"
 (just like the one's from Taco Bell) or you can use any other meat or cheese to make them!!!

Fast and Easy food for kids:)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1.
First you need to buy a pack of soft tortillas, just like this bag or you can use any other brand that you would like it's just that tortillas have to be soft ones...

Step 2.
Spread a little bit of mayonnaise on the tortilla, if you like it spicy you can add some red spicy Sriracha sauce to the mayonnaise and it will be spicy (that's how we do it, because we like it spicy).

Step 3.
Then add some cheese, we like cheddar cheese!!!

Step 4.
Then, add some cooked chicken breast on top of the cheese!

Step 5.
The clean half of the tortilla bend it to the other side of the tortilla, so they are squished together and fry them on the pan with any oil that you would like of prefer. (we use Canola oil)

Just like this!!!

Step 6.
You can also use cheese with jalapenos or that cheese jalapeno salad that I have on my Blog, which is what we use in the picture bellow.

Or you can just make it with "CHEESE"

Step 7.
Once they are light brown on the both sides, they are ready to eat, just let them cool down a little bit.



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