Two kinds of Baked "Tilapia"

Tilapia fish with garlic, 
lemon and white wine vinaigrette!!!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1.
Put all of the Tilapia fish in the dish and garnish with all of these species, just like this: (Garlic Salt, kosher salt, pepper, lemon pepper, white wine, lemon, dill and garlic)...

Step 2.
Put Tilapia in the oven at 385 degrees, for 45 minutes, (but every oven is different so make sure you know your oven good enough, so you don't burn the fish).

This is how it looks when is has all the spices on!
(make sure to cover it with the foil)

Step 3.
After you take the fish out of the oven, it is ready to be served and it looks like this:

Tilapia with olive oil and lemon vinaigrette drizzled with Paprika!!!  

Step 4.
The same things apply for Tilapia with paprika, use all the same species only add paprika too:

This is how it looks when it's DONE:

This is how it looks when you put it on the dish with Pasta, but as you saw earlier you can make it with rice too.  Very easy, simple and yummy dish to have for Lunch or Dinner;)



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