Chicken Breast, Cheese & Garlic, Bread Toast!

Chicken Breast Bread Toast 
with Cheese and Garlic!

Easy to make a good snack for Parties 
and Just a Simple Snack for anytime of the day;)

Step-by-Step Instructions:
1 - long French Baguette Bread
2 - cans of chicken breast
pinch of Montreal Chicken
pinch of Lemon Pepper
pinch of Garlic Salt
some fresh dill
2 or 3 - cloves of garlic
some shredded cheese (cheddar cheese)

Step 1.
I buy this chicken breast in the can from Costco.  I open about two cans and mix it with my own spices: Montreal Chicken, Lemon pepper, Garlic Salt, some Dill and fresh Shredded Garlic, about 3 cloves.

Step 2.
Mix it all together very good with Mayonnaise all the spices that I have mentioned it above and dill.

Chicken Breast Mix is done!!!

Step 3.
Cut the Baguette Bread and Toast it.

Step 4.
Then, just put the chicken mix on the top off the the toasted Baguettes and garnish it with some cheese on top and olives on the side.



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