Mozzarella Cheese Toast & Sage leaves!

Easy to do it yourself "Mozzarella Cheese Toast" 
topped with Fresh Sage Leaves:)

Step 1.
Get the bread you like it could even be a black bread too, and toast it.  Then, put it on the oven pan and drizzle it with some olive oil.

Step 2.
Cut mozzarella cheese and put it on the top of your bread.  Just like that:

Step 3.
Now put fresh Sage leaves on the top of your mozzarella toast.  Just like that:

Step 4.
Put it in oven for 380 degrees and about 15 to 20 minutes. (it's all depends on your oven, just check them after 15 min, and make sure they don't get burned).  This is how they supposed to look like, when you get them from the oven:

The aroma in the house is sooo awesome after they bake!!! 
Cut the bread into pieces and serve.



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