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Monday, June 6, 2016

Waffle Cake!

How to make yummy, easy, Waffle Cake;)

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

1 pack - Waffle cake
8 oz. - Whipped Cream or Topping (or heavy whipped)
2 cans - Dulce de leche or Cooked Sweetened Condensed Milk
4 oz. or 8 tablespoons - melted unsalted butter

Step 1.
First, you would have to buy the pre made Waffle Cake in any Russian Store.  They are sold just like you see in the picture below, different colors waffles, and this is exactly one pack too, the one you see it on the picture below.

Step 2.
If you have "dulce de leche"  then you can use it and mix it with the other ingridients (butter and whipped cream or topping).  If you have "sweetened milk" then you would have to cook the cans for about 4 hours, until they get dark like dulce de leche color.  This is how it looks when all the ingridients are mixed together:

Spread it on each layer, all over the waffle, 
"not" only in the middle:

~ DONE ~

Step 3.
After you are done you can put something flat and heavy on top of the Waffle Cake, but not too heavy and leave it for about 2 hours.  Then, it should be ready and you can cut the Waffle Cake into pieces, it could be diamond cut pieces or square pieces, which ever you would prefer.   I cut mine into diamond shaped pieces, just like that:


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