Homemade Chicken Teriyaki!

How to make the Best Homemade 
"Chicken Teriyaki" 

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Step 1.
Marinade for the Chicken:
2 lb - raw chicken thighs (no bones, no skin)
2 - cups of Yashida's Marinade & Cooking Sauce
1 - cup of Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce

Marinate the Chicken over night with these 2 sauces!

I bought these sauces at Costco.
Step 2.
Next day, when chicken is already marinated, it's time to barbecue the chicken. After, the chicken is barbecued you have to let it cool down a little, then you can cut the chicken into little long pieces, like the teriyaki chicken and then prepare the Teriyaki Sauce for the chicken. This is how the chicken should look like when it is all cut into pieces:

Step 3.
Teriyaki Sauce ingridients for the Barbecued Chicken:
2 - tbl spoon of Pure Sesame Seed Oil (or any other sesame seed oil)
1 - tbl spoon of Ginger stir-in- paste
4 cloves of choopped garlic 
1 - cups of Yashida's Marinade & Cooking Sauce
1/2 cup of Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce
2 - 3 tbl spoon vinegar
1 - 2 tbl spoon Corn Starch
Pinch of Salt and Pepper


Cook all of the ingridients on a medium sized skillet and then taste it, if it needs some more of Yashida's Marinade or Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce just add some more.  Bring it to a boil, taste it again and if it tastes like Teriyaki Sauce, your sauce is done. Teriyaki Sauce has to be a little thick, or you can add some water and make it runny it's totally up to you!!!

Make some white Rice, poor the "Teriyaki Chicken" with Sauce over it and your meal is ready!!!  Of, course you can make some salad too, and you have a complete meal to eat;)

               "ENJOY AND BON APPETIT"


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