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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Poem by me - "Roller Coaster"

"Roller Coaster" 

Life is like a rapid Roller Coaster
We cry, We smile, We feel and We ignore
But acts of Love we only see it Seldom 
Or when we need to on occasion then

Life teaches us a Lesson strict & fearsome
We understand Life's lesson only then 
When we grow older day by day, too fast
And nothing can tell it us Stop it, even then

We know how we should Love one Another 
We understand how we should care
We understand how to Pray for each other 
Or We understand how too - Not despair 

After all, whatever happens in our Life's... 
We only know from Heaven & by our faithful Father, Lord, Almighty God!!!
He is the reason we were put on this Earth 
He is the reason we still breathe & still alive 

But why, it's so hard sometimes to handle 
Life's challenges & obstacles that's thrown
Perhaps that We should Stop & Listen
What? Life can tell us, by it's invisible & quite force today and everyday!

Although, Sometimes we even ask the question: Why God, Why, does this happens to us, WHY???
Perhaps we should just take it easy, 
And give it all to GOD, and he knows why......

-by Anna V. Zelenivskiy-

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